Officials: Police Officer Dragged Across Highway During Pursuit In Prince George’s County

Aiexpress – Two individuals have been charged with the attempted murder of a police officer after an officer-involved shooting and pursuit in Prince George’s County on Sunday morning.

Dennis Burkett, aged 51, from Brandywine, and Robert Burkett Jr., aged 50, from Temple Hills, are currently in custody following a shooting incident in Upper Marlboro. The shooting occurred during a police investigation into a series of burglaries.

Around 2 a.m. on January 21st, officers on patrol came across a potential burglary in progress at a closed gas station located in the 7600 block of Crain Highway. They noticed a burgundy van backed into the back door of the establishment. Interestingly, this was the same van that had been used in a similar incident just an hour earlier.

The police say that when they activated their lights and sirens, it caused both Burketts to flee from the store and hop into the van, resulting in a long police chase.

According to officials, an officer made an effort to remove Dennis Burkett from the driver’s seat. However, Burkett disregarded verbal commands and instead shifted the van into drive, fleeing with the officer unable to disengage from the door area.


The pursuit continued for over 30 minutes before finally ending at Branch Avenue and Bonita Street in Temple Hills. The van became disabled, and both individuals were apprehended without any further issues.

Dennis Burkett received medical treatment for his wound at a local hospital, while the injured officer underwent a evaluation for minor injuries. Both individuals were discharged later on.

Police found several burglary tools, including a pry bar, that the Burketts left behind at the gas station during their escape. Additionally, they discovered that the store’s ATM had been tampered with.

The younger Burkett admitted to his involvement in the gas station burglary, running away from the police, and stealing the van from a Clinton church on Saturday night after his arrest.

The Burketts, both of them, face a range of charges, such as:

    • Second-degree attempted murder;
    • Assault;
    • Breaking and entering;
    • Auto theft.

The Department of Corrections currently has them in custody, with no bond being granted.

Officials are investigating whether these two suspects are connected to other burglaries in the county. Currently, their methods align with over a dozen cases.

The department’s Internal Affairs Division is currently investigating the actions of the officer who discharged his weapon. He became a part of the agency in 2022 and is currently on administrative leave until the investigation concludes.

If you have any information about the case or either of the suspects, please contact detectives at (301) 516-2512.

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