Habba Believes That Biden Is Planning To Flood The Country With “Illegals” So That They May Vote For Him

Aiexpress – In a segment of Newsmax TV’s “Sunday Agenda,” Trump attorney Alina Habba laid out a number of theories she has about Joe Biden’s strategy for “cheating” in his campaign against Trump leading up to the November election, saying she suspects he’s relying on votes from non-citizens in the hopes of denying Trump a second term.

Habba told host Lidia Bastianich that Biden plans to flood the country with 10 million “illegals” and engineer it so they can vote for him, implying that this is his only shot at defeating Trump.

“This is all by design, and it isn’t for our safety. New Yorkers are not safe. “America is not safe,” Habba stated, referring to borders as a swinging door in her eyes. “Joe Biden is more worried about his poll numbers, which he can’t win fairly because the man can’t even walk. So he has to do it. “He needs to let you in.”

She went on to add that Biden and his allies aren’t concerned about “the fentanyl” or “the children,” but rather with one thing: figuring out a method to cheat. She credited this with encouraging Trump to keep fighting.

“It’s truly an abomination.” Our country is in serious trouble, and I don’t think November can come soon enough,” Habba added. “As long as they do not steal it.” We should be in terrific shape since the polls are amazing.”


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