Hailey Bieber Sister Alaia Baldwin Aronow Arrested After Alleged Tampon Throwing Incident In Georgia

Aiexpress – Alaia Baldwin Aronow, 31, the older sister of model and superstar Hailey Bieber, found herself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons last Saturday.

Baldwin Aronow was arrested at a Georgia club on charges of simple assault, violence, and criminal trespassing, according to a police report that Page Six received.

Baldwin Aronow was arrested after she was caught on club security tape breaking into a locked staff bathroom. According to bartender Haleigh Cauley, Baldwin Aronow asked to change her tampon for a few minutes, which Cauley agreed to do.

To her surprise, Baldwin Aronow reportedly confronted Cauley in the bathroom and took off her tampon, throwing it at her. When the disturbing event happened, club security stepped in and took Baldwin Aronow out of the venue.

Because Baldwin Aronow is related to many people and because the charges are so upsetting, the problem has gotten a lot of attention. There has been no public comment or word from Baldwin Aronow about the incident or her arrest yet.


This unfortunate event shows how temporary public life can be and how closely people watch famous people’s choices. For now, it’s not clear how Baldwin Aronow will react to the claims and deal with the problems that will arise from this very troubling situation.

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