NYPD Officer Files Suit Against Department for Distribution of Nude Photos

Aiexpress – Alisa Bajraktarevic, a New York City police officer, has generated fury within the department by filing a lawsuit against the department, citing unlawful publication of her nude photo, according to WITB. The lawsuit stems from Bajraktarevic’s suspension for allegedly interfering with cops during an incident involving her companion, a suspected drug dealer.

The 34-year-old officer claims that a topless image of her from 2012 circulated widely after she was charged with obstructing justice in April of the previous year. According to Bajraktarevic’s legal claim, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court in December, the intimate photo spread swiftly through the department’s internal communication channels while she was suspended.

According to the lawsuit, Bajraktarevic first shared the nude image with Lt. Mark Rivera, a coworker with whom she had a brief sexual relationship after joining the force in 2012. However, the photo appeared to circulate across the department when she got into a confrontation with her boyfriend, Kelvin Hernandez, who was ultimately charged with resisting arrest.

During the incident, Bajraktarevic allegedly attempted to utilize her law enforcement credentials to hide Hernandez from a vehicle search, resulting in a 30-day suspension without pay. The department also urged her to part ways with Hernandez.

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