Haley criticizes Trump for misunderstanding ballot deadline

Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential candidate, took a jab at former President Trump on Friday for a perceived confusion regarding the deadline for the Indiana GOP primary ballot.

In response to Trump’s criticism on Truth Social, Haley cleverly remarked about her efforts to have her name included on the Hoosier State ballot.

On Friday, Trump took to social media to criticize Nikki Haley’s last-minute efforts to verify signatures and qualify for the ballot in Indiana. He described her actions as “scrambling” and suggested that it was not a good look for her.

In response to Trump’s confusion, Haley, the sole remaining major candidate challenging him for the Republican nomination, took to the internet and commented, “It seems like he’s confused once more.”

According to Indiana Secretary of State Diego Morales, the deadline for filing for the state’s primary election is February 9th.


The deadline for Democratic and Republican presidential candidates to submit petition signatures to county voter registration officials for certification was on January 30th, as mentioned by Trump.

The primary election in the state is scheduled for May 7th.

Haley has previously accused the former president of being confused, suggesting that there were instances where he seemed unsure. During the New Hampshire primary, she took a subtle jab at Trump’s cognitive ability, stating that “we’ve seen him get confused.”

During his speech, the GOP candidate pointed out a mistake made by Trump. It seemed that Trump had confused Haley with Pelosi, who was present at the Capitol during the riots on January 6, 2021. Trump erroneously claimed that Haley was responsible for Capitol security and offered her 10,000 soldiers and National Guards. It’s worth noting that Haley was not at the Capitol on that day.

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