The “Take Our Border Back” convoy is expected to pass via the border with Texas

The “Take Our Border Back” Convoy, which is set to travel along the Texas, Arizona, and California borders from January 29 to February 3, 2024, is a pivotal event in the ongoing dialogue surrounding border security and immigration in the United States. This highly-anticipated event has garnered national and international attention, with influential Members of Congress from North Texas, including Congressman Keith Self from Collin County and Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne from Dallas & Tarrant County, lending their support.

Congressman Self and Congresswoman Van Duyne have actively shown their support for the convoy, using social media and national television platforms, including the Fox Business News Channel, to express their positions. Their remarks indicate a significant political push behind the movement, with Congresswoman Van Duyne’s urgent call for “beautiful, huge semis” to safeguard the border emphasizing the need for immediate action.

The convoy has attracted attention not only domestically but also internationally, with individuals from Canada showing their support. This global interest underscores the broader significance and influence of the event, extending beyond the borders of Texas, Arizona, and California.

However, there are differing views on the convoy. Media Matters for America, a left-leaning media watchdog group, has described the event as being organized by “election deniers and anti-vaxxers,” which adds controversy and underscores the profound political divisions in the United States. This portrayal implies that the convoy represents more than just a plea for border security; it serves as a convergence point for multiple political and social concerns that are presently dividing the nation.

The convoy is generating a lot of attention online, as it continues to gain mentions in news reports and social media. This surge in popularity is further supported by politicians such as Keith Self and Beth Van Duyne, indicating that the convoy’s momentum is set to increase in the near future.


The question regarding public opinion on the convoy holds immense significance. Beyond being a mere convoy of trucks, it serves as a powerful symbol that encapsulates the broader discourse on border security, immigration policy, and the political divisions within the United States. As this event unfolds, it will undoubtedly remain at the center of heated debates, showcasing the multitude of perspectives and conflicting viewpoints on these crucial matters. Whether perceived as a vital measure to tackle border-related concerns or as an embodiment of deeper societal fractures, the “Take Our Border Back” Convoy stands as a momentous occurrence within the current political climate.

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