Haley once again challenges Trump’s legal expenses

Nikki Haley is determined to ensure that Donald Trump faces the consequences of his legal troubles well before the general election commences.

Haley criticized Trump for his legal troubles on Tuesday evening, following the New York Times’ report that political committees supporting the former president paid approximately $50 million to cover his legal expenses in the previous year.

“Donald Trump’s refusal to debate me is not surprising considering the exorbitant amount his PAC has spent, a whopping $50 million, on his legal fees,” Haley expressed on X (formerly Twitter). “It is evident that he cannot effectively compete against Joe Biden when he is preoccupied with court battles and the resulting chaos they bring.”

According to the Times, Haley, who was Trump’s only remaining high-profile opponent in the Republican primary, raised around $50 million across her committees last year. Please note that POLITICO has not independently verified this figure.

In a recent escalation of her attacks, Haley has once again targeted Trump’s mounting legal fees. This is the second time she has brought up this issue, and it comes as the campaign shifts its focus to her home state of South Carolina. Last week, Haley criticized the former president for being ordered to pay $83.3 million in a defamation lawsuit filed by writer E. Jean Carroll. The lawsuit was in response to Trump’s defamatory comments about Carroll and her rape accusation against him during his time as president.


In response to the verdict, Haley expressed her thoughts on the matter, emphasizing that Donald Trump’s focus should be on becoming the presumptive Republican nominee rather than being concerned about the $83 million in damages. She believes that there are more pressing issues at hand, such as addressing border security and tackling inflation. According to Haley, America deserves better leadership than what Trump and Biden can offer.

During her appearance on Meet the Press this Sunday, she expressed her complete trust in the jury’s verdict in that case.

The Trump campaign spokesperson did not respond to a comment request immediately.

Haley has been increasingly critical of Trump as the candidate pool diminishes. Now that only the two of them remain, she has started to zero in on Trump’s legal troubles with more intensity. This is a subject that many of her previous primary opponents shied away from, fearing that Trump would exploit it to gain support from Republican voters.

Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, has skillfully managed to navigate the numerous indictments faced by President Trump. Instead of delving into the intricate details of these allegations, she has cleverly shifted the conversation towards the distractions they create.

“He brings chaos wherever he goes,” she frequently remarks when questioned about whether the accusations or the claims that Trump instigated a riot at the U.S. Capitol should prevent him from resuming office at the White House.

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