The Past Unveiled: A Glimpse into South Carolina’s Historic Abandoned Church, Predating the Revolutionary War

As we travel and explore various parts of the world, we often come across captivating and mysterious abandoned places. These remnants of the past hold a certain allure, as we try to envision the lives of the people who once occupied these now-decaying structures.

These abandoned structures stand as poignant reminders of history, offering us a window into the past. In this piece, I will explore the captivating remains of an abandoned church in South Carolina, a truly haunting and picturesque sight.

The Old Sheldon Church, situated in Beaufort County, South Carolina, has a fascinating history dating back to the American Revolutionary War. Built in the mid-1700s, this historical landmark has withstood the test of time and continues to stand today. Originally called Prince William’s Parish Church, it was constructed in 1753 and designed in the English Georgian style. Some believe it could have been one of the earliest attempts in the country to replicate the architectural elements of a Greek temple.

Unfortunately, the church was tragically engulfed in flames during a British troop attack in the midst of the Revolutionary War in 1779.

The original church, reconstructed in 1826, has no record or photographs to document its appearance. During the Civil War, Union soldiers raided and destroyed the church. The events that followed remain unclear, but it is certain that the church was eventually abandoned and left to deteriorate over time.


In a stroke of luck, the vulnerable remains of the site were granted a spot on the prestigious U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1970.

Visitors used to be able to freely explore this captivating ruin, but due to acts of vandalism, the church had to be closed off to the public. Nevertheless, the Old Sheldon Church, with its haunting allure, continues to be nestled within the embrace of towering oak trees. Their sprawling branches, contorted and reaching out, seem to yearn for the presence of worshippers in the abandoned church.

The Old Sheldon Church holds an intriguing mystery with the presence of several scattered graves within its premises. Among these graves is the final resting place of Colonel William Bull, an influential figure who played a vital role in the design of Savannah, Georgia’s street layout.

The church at night has an eerie appearance and a haunting history, making the possibility of paranormal activity within its walls quite plausible. Although it is unfortunate that visitors are currently prohibited from entering the Old Sheldon Church, it remains crucial to preserve and protect this significant piece of our nation’s history.

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