Breaking News: Hate Crime Investigation Underway as NYPD Seeks Suspect Who Stole Shtreimel from Man in Borough Park

The NYPD is currently conducting an investigation into the robbery of a man’s shtreimel in Borough Park, treating it as a potential hate crime.

The crime took place on 53rd Street in broad daylight on Saturday afternoon. A video of the incident captures the victim engaged in a conversation with a man riding a moped.

The victim donned a shtreimel, a fur hat traditionally worn by certain members of the Jewish community during religious holidays.

The suspect’s capture remains unknown at this time. However, authorities are actively investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Amid the Israel-Hamas war, there has been an alarming increase in hate crimes targeting Jewish individuals.


Mayor Eric Adams addressed the problem earlier this week, promising to increase security for Jewish holiday season.

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