House Speaker Mike Johnson Receives Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Ultimatum Regarding Ukraine Funding

During a fiery interview on Fox News, Congresswoman Greene issued a stern warning to Speaker Johnson regarding the potential repercussions of a proposed $60 billion aid package for Ukraine.

In a surprising twist, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Congresswoman notorious for her far-right political views, has cautioned the newly appointed Republican House Speaker, Mike Johnson. Speaking on Fox News, Greene vehemently voiced her opposition to a potential agreement that would allocate $60 billion in funding to Ukraine.

In the interview, Greene expressed her strong opposition to the use of continuing resolutions, which are bills designed to keep the government operational until appropriations legislation is passed. She specifically criticized a bill that would provide significant funding for Ukraine.

“I made it clear to Speaker Johnson that if he were to make that deal in exchange for $60 billion for Ukraine, I would step down from my position,” Greene asserted. “And I continue to stand by my words.” This declaration, as documented by Axios, demonstrates Greene’s unwavering position on the matter.

This situation in Congress is not uncommon. In fact, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy faced a similar scenario last year, resulting in him losing his seat. McCarthy’s fellow Republicans removed him from his position because he had made a deal with Democrats to ensure the continuation of government operations, as reported by the Washington Post.


The threat from Greene goes beyond a mere disagreement between politicians. It highlights the deep ideological divisions within the Republican party. One faction, represented by Greene, staunchly opposes any kind of compromise with the Democrats. On the other hand, there are those who advocate for bipartisan cooperation as a means of ensuring effective governance.

Moreover, the threat posed by Greene raises concerns about the future trajectory of American foreign policy. Should the United States withhold funding from Ukraine, a nation currently facing aggression from Russia, in its own best interest?

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