Hovde Promises To Donate Senate Salary If He Wins In Wisconsin

Wisconsin GOP Senate candidate Eric Hovde has made a commitment to donate his salary to charity in the event that he is elected.

In February, Hovde, a local businessman from Madison, made an announcement that he would be running against Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) for the Senate seat. This move is seen as a significant addition to the GOP’s plan for the 2024 elections, particularly in a crucial swing state like Wisconsin.

In a recent campaign advertisement, Hovde took a stand against career politicians, accusing them of prioritizing special interests over the needs of their constituents. He emphasized the detrimental effects of their actions, stating that they often compromise their integrity to gain favor with these influential groups. Hovde’s message resonates with voters who are tired of politicians who seem more concerned with personal gain than serving the people.

“Washington has become corrupt,” Hovde declared in the advertisement. He expressed his concerns about career politicians who prioritize their own interests over those of the people they are supposed to represent. Hovde emphasized that he has worked tirelessly and has been fortunate in his endeavors. He made it clear that he does not rely on special interest money and will not accept it.

“If you choose me to be your next senator, I will donate my entire salary to a charity in Wisconsin every year,” he stated. “My name is Eric Hovde, and I cannot be influenced by money. My priority will always be the well-being of our country.”


Senators receive a salary of $174,000, which is funded by taxpayers.

According to The Associated Press, the candidate’s spokesperson mentioned that the specific charities to which Hovde would make donations, if elected, have not yet been decided. However, it was clarified that the donations would not be made to the Hovde Foundation, which is managed by his family.

Hovde, a Wisconsin native, has faced criticism from Democrats regarding his connections to California. In an attempt to discredit the candidate, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin launched a website that presented supposed “facts” about Hovde as a California bank owner.

According to the website, Hovde resides in a luxurious $7 million mansion in Laguna Beach, California, boasting stunning ocean views. The article also raises doubts about Hovde’s motives for returning to Wisconsin, suggesting that he only does so when he is interested in running for office. It is worth noting that Hovde previously ran for a Senate seat in 2012 but was defeated in the Republican primary by former Governor Tommy Thompson.

Hovde’s name had been circulating for months as the top choice of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. This was because Wisconsin still lacked a Senate GOP candidate, making Hovde a sought-after option for the position.

In his Senate bid against Baldwin, Hovde is anticipated to invest around $20 million of his personal funds. Republican operatives view Hovde’s entry into the race as a strategic move for the GOP, even with Baldwin’s track record of success in securing the seat.

According to the AP, Hovde had a net worth of at least $52 million as of 2012.

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