Colorado Republican Criticizes Lauren Boebert’s Latest Fundraising Strategy

Colorado Republican Representative Ken Buck strongly criticized Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s recent fundraising strategy, labeling it as “fundamentally unfair.”

Buck had initially intended to retire at the conclusion of his term in January 2025 due to his dissatisfaction with his own party. However, he surprised everyone by announcing his early departure from office on March 22. Boebert, a Republican representing Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, has been actively campaigning to fill Buck’s seat in Colorado’s 4th District.

On Wednesday, Boebert made the announcement that she will not participate in the special election to determine the replacement for Buck’s vacant seat for the remainder of his term. Instead, she will stick to her initial plan of running in the state’s primary, where the candidate for the 4th district seat in the 2024-2026 House term will be determined.

In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Boebert expressed her views on Buck’s unexpected retirement, referring to it as a “gift to the uniparty.” She accused the establishment of orchestrating a shady backroom deal in an attempt to manipulate the election.

In a subsequent post, Boebert expressed, “The battle is between the MAGA movement and the Establishment. My goal is to emerge victorious for MAGA, but I recognize that I’ll require substantial assistance to achieve it.” She also included a link to contribute to her campaign.


In an interview published on Friday with The Colorado Sun, Buck dismissed the suggestion made by Boebert and others that he ended his term earlier than expected to make it more challenging for her to win his seat, calling it “ridiculous.”

According to the congressman, Boebert’s actions of raising funds by accusing Buck of taking sides are “fundamentally unfair.” He emphasized that he aims to treat everyone equally without providing any advantage or disadvantage to any individual or group.

Buck explained that he decided to resign because he was increasingly frustrated with Congress’ lack of action and wanted to prioritize election reforms.

“When announcing his decision to retire from Congress in November 2023, Buck expressed his frustration with the lack of progress in addressing important issues. He also expressed disappointment in the Republican Party’s reliance on the unfounded claim that the 2020 election was stolen and their adherence to the January 6 narrative.”

In an interview with The Colorado Sun, Buck explained that the timing of his resignation was influenced by the date of the special election. He expressed his intention to minimize the financial burden on taxpayers by aligning the special election with the primary election.

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