ICE captures Fugitive Colombian murderer hiding out in New Jersey

Aiexpress – According to federal authorities, they have captured and deported an escaped killer who entered the U.S. illegally at an unknown time and location.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has successfully apprehended and deported a convicted killer who had managed to escape prison and had been evading authorities in New Jersey. During his time in hiding, the individual was also accused of making terroristic threats by the local police.

In September 2017, Miguel Angel Hernandez Moreno made the decision to flee his native country of Colombia. This decision came after he was granted a 72-hour furlough from prison.

He was six years into his 22-year sentence for homicide. Information on the victim was not immediately available.

Authorities do not know when he entered the United States, but he did so illegally.


He remained under the radar until late last year, when he was charged with making terrorist threats in Jersey City on December 18.

Local officials released him before ICE’s local Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) could request a detainee, the agency said in a statement Monday night. However, Hudson County authorities claimed that they had never arrested him on the accusations and hence did not release him.

According to investigators, the killer then traveled to New York City, where ERO Newark officers apprehended him on December 27 in Queens.

An immigration judge ordered his deportation in January, and ICE ERO Philadelphia finalized it this month, according to authorities.

“Time and again, we see fugitives fleeing justice in their home countries and illegally entering the United States,” stated ERO Philadelphia Field Office Director Cammilla Wamsley.

“The officers of ERO Philadelphia work tirelessly to apprehend and remove these wanted criminals who pose a threat to the American public.”

The deportation occurs as the nation is still in shock over the 2022 murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley by a Venezuelan man who had illegally entered the country and taken advantage of a “crime of opportunity,” according to police.

The suspect, Jose Antonio Ibarra, and his brother, Diego Ibarra, had prior offenses in the United States but have remained in the nation.

Jose Ibarra has been charged with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false detention, kidnapping, impeding a 911 call, and concealing another’s death. He has already been charged with hurting a child in New York City and driving without a license.

Last week, his brother allegedly gave authorities looking for Riley’s killer a bogus green card. He was previously charged with driving without a license, drunk driving, and shoplifting.

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