Senator Tuberville Receives Harsh Community Feedback On Alabama’s Murder Rate Following Criticism Of Nyc’s Crime Rate

Aiexpress – On Tuesday, Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) shared his thoughts on crime in New York through a tweet. However, he was quickly reminded through a community note that his home state of Alabama actually faces higher crime rates.

The freshman senator, like many Republicans, portrays New York and other major American cities as crime-ridden and showcases them as examples of Democratic policy shortcomings. Interestingly, Tuberville’s recent criticism of cities stemmed from President Joe Biden’s visit to a New York ice cream shop on Monday. During the visit, Biden was questioned about the conflict in Gaza, to which he responded that a temporary ceasefire in Israel’s military campaign is on the horizon.

In a recent tweet, Tuberville expressed his thoughts by stating:

Hope @JoeBiden enjoyed going out for ice cream in NYC while the rest of the city is afraid of crime and migrants.

The tweet received significantly more replies than retweets, with a ratio of about five to one. Additionally, there is a prominent community note displayed under the tweet.

New York City’s homicide rate is 4.8 per 100,000. Alabama, the home state of Sen. Tuberville, has a homicide rate three times higher (15.9 per 100,000)

The note mentioned that WABC New York and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control were the sources.


Tuberville was inundated with responses, particularly from New Yorkers, pointing out that the city is actually quite safe, especially when compared to Alabama.

Tuberville also received a flurry of responses, many from New Yorkers, pointing out that the city is actually relatively safe, especially when contrasted to Alabama.

The senator has had a difficult time of late. Last week, he praised an Alabama Supreme Court decision holding that embryos are individuals, prompting many facilities that provide in vitro fertilization to suspend the practice. At the same time, he stated, “We need to have more kids.”

When a reporter mentioned that the court’s decision will likely result in fewer children, he said, “That’s a hard one, it really is.”

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