Illegal Firearms And Magazines Discovered During Response To Domestic Incident In Blairstown: Prosecutor

Aiexpress – On Tuesday, Jan. 16, the Blairstown police swiftly intervened in a domestic violence incident at 99 Mohican Road, as disclosed by Warren County Prosecutor James Pfeiffer. William Pollard has been charged with domestic violence, and as a result, a temporary restraining order has been issued, Pfeiffer confirmed.

According to Pfeiffer, the police took several weapons from Pollard’s residence as part of their compliance with the restraining order. These weapons included illegal firearms, jigs used for modifying firearms, extended magazines, and silencers.

During the investigation, police obtained a search warrant to conduct a more thorough search of Pollard’s residence. They discovered a variety of illegal weapons, as well as tools used for modifying firearms. These included machine guns that lacked serial numbers, as well as ghost guns. Additionally, it was revealed that Pollard had asked a neighbor to remove firearms from the residence.

Pollard faced a range of serious charges, including seven counts of possessing an automatic weapon, four counts of possessing a machine gun, and nine counts of manufacturing a firearm. In addition to these weapons offenses, he was also charged with hindering prosecution, endangering the welfare of a child, aggravated assault, and making terroristic threats.

According to Pfeiffer, Pollard has been placed in the Warren County Jail until a detention hearing is scheduled.

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