In California’s sensitive locations, the battle over concealed weapons law heats up

Just a few days into the new year, the recently imposed California gun law that prohibits carrying concealed weapons in sensitive areas has already been halted.

The bill has been blocked before, but this time it comes after a decision by the 9th Circuit Court on Saturday.

The Second Amendment was violated, leading to a district judge to put the law on hold.

Eyewitness News spoke to several community members, all of whom expressed agreement with this sentiment.

Loy Salarda believes that our second amendment rights should not be applicable if firearms are used for self-defense. “As long as we use it for self-defense, I don’t think they should adhere to our second amendment rights,” Salarda expressed.


According to an anonymous community member, individuals who obtain CCWs (concealed carry weapons) undergo proper training and make a conscientious effort to abide by the law.

According to Billy Clark from the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Guns, the intention behind Senate Bill 2 is not to infringe upon people’s Second Amendment rights, but rather to restrict the places where concealed carry weapon (CCW) holders are permitted.

“Other than the existing rights, it is important to acknowledge that there are additional rights in the world. For instance, there is the right to feel safe and secure, the right to live a life free from fear, and the right to go about our daily lives without the constant worry of gun violence,” Clark emphasized.

But what about emergency situations, argue community members?

One community member who preferred to remain anonymous shared their opinion with Eyewitness News, expressing that individuals should have the right to carry CCWs as a means of protecting themselves and their families.

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, residents of California have a 25% lower risk of dying in a mass shooting compared to the national average. Additionally, Giffords reports that California has a 31% lower gun ownership rate than the rest of the country and is ranked 44th in terms of gun-related deaths among all 50 states.

However, it is still possible to acquire firearms illegally, even if one goes through the arduous legal procedures to obtain one.

California Governor Gavin Newsom strongly criticized the ruling by the appeals court, expressing concern that it jeopardizes people’s lives. He emphasized that the state will persist in its efforts to implement gun control measures.

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