In a Mojave car crash, a woman dies and two mens are hospitalized

A tragic incident occurred on Redrock-Randsburg Road in Mojave around 8:30 a.m. Monday, resulting in the loss of a woman’s life and hospitalization of two men from California City due to a head-on collision.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Carolin Smith, 53, from California City, was behind the wheel of a white Mercedes heading west. The collision took place when a 53-year-old woman from Topeka, Kan., and her 49-year-old male passenger from California City, driving a white Hyundai in the eastbound lane, collided with Smith’s vehicle.

While the CHP report did not provide the names of the Hyundai’s driver and passenger, it stated that the woman driving the Hyundai tragically lost her life in the collision. Both the passenger and Carolin Smith were transported to Antelope Valley Hospital for medical attention, as reported by the CHP.

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