In the Georgia election case, a judge dismisses Rudy Giuliani’s request to extend deadlines

The judge presiding over the Georgia election interference case in Fulton County has rejected Rudy Giuliani’s plea to extend the deadline for the submission of motions.

Judge Scott McAfee of Fulton County Superior Court has denied Rudy Giuliani’s request for an extension, upholding the original Monday deadline.

According to the judge, Giuliani has failed to provide specific details about the remaining discovery that needs to be reviewed. Additionally, the judge questions why the review process has not been completed despite approximately four months having passed since the arraignment.

According to the report, Giuliani has not filed any motions concerning discovery, despite his claims of having filed “many” of them.

Giuliani’s spokesperson and attorneys have not yet responded to requests for comment as of Friday night.


Giuliani’s attorneys, who were indicted alongside 18 co-defendants for allegedly violating Georgia’s racketeering laws in connection with the 2020 election, informed the court that they needed additional time to review the extensive amount of evidence provided in the case.

Giuliani is not only facing a racketeering charge but is also accused of conspiring to pressure state officials into taking action based on false election claims.

Four defendants in the case have admitted guilt, while Giuliani and former President Donald Trump, both facing 13 criminal counts, have entered pleas of not guilty.

In an attempt to delay multiple legal challenges, Trump has been unable to secure success. His legal team argues that the proposed trial start date of August 5th, as suggested by the Fulton County district attorney, would constitute the most significant instance of election interference in the history of the United States.

Friday’s order is being issued amidst the growing legal troubles and mounting fees faced by Giuliani.

In a recent turn of events, he found himself in a dire financial situation as he sought bankruptcy protection. This came as a result of a hefty $148 million verdict against him in a defamation lawsuit. The lawsuit revolved around his dissemination of false claims aimed at election workers, all in an effort to bolster Trump’s unfounded allegations of a stolen election.

Last year, Giuliani faced a lawsuit from his former lawyers who claimed that he had failed to pay them $1.36 million in legal fees. In response, Giuliani argued that the amount being demanded was too high.

Giuliani is also dealing with a $10 million lawsuit filed by Noelle Dunphy. In her allegations, Dunphy claims that Giuliani harassed her and had discussions about selling presidential pardons after she was hired in 2019. Giuliani has denied these claims.

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