Investigation underway regarding Patrick Mahomes situation in the NFL

During the Wild Card round of the playoffs, the Kansas City Chiefs clinched a victory against the Miami Dolphins. However, Chiefs’ exceptional quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, encountered a worrying moment as a part of his helmet shattered following a head-on collision. Consequently, the NFL is currently investigating this incident.

Earlier this week, the NFL Executive V.P., Jeff Miller, disclosed that the NFL currently has the broken helmet in their possession. They are actively conducting an investigation to determine the cause behind the helmet’s breakage.

According to Pro Football Talk, Miller stated that the extreme conditions may have potentially played a role in the failure. He emphasized the importance of assessing the performance of helmets not only in optimal situations but also in extreme conditions.

Miller emphasized that while the situation was indeed worrisome, the league maintains a high level of confidence in the helmets and their capacity to safeguard players during gameplay.

“It’s a rare occurrence, and we truly appreciate that,” Miller expressed his gratitude. “The manufacturers have made remarkable progress in producing superior helmets with each iteration.”


The NFL’s investigation will determine the outcome of the situation.

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