Joe Biden Faces MAGA Outrage Following Haitian Migrant Arrested in Rape

Biden and his administration, including Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, have faced widespread criticism and even impeachment attempts from numerous Republicans. The annual rates of illegal immigration have been on the rise since Biden assumed office, and the blame has intensified following the tragic death of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, who was allegedly murdered by an illegal migrant, along with other similar cases across the country.

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene called out Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, asking if he was ready for the impeachment trial of Mayorkas. In a tweet, she questioned how many innocent Americans needed to be affected by murder, rape, or attacks before Schumer would take border security seriously.

The incident took place on Wednesday evening around 7:06 at the Comfort Inn. The hotel, which was designated as a shelter in October, houses migrant families as part of a state/federal program. Authorities in Plymouth County reported that Rockland police were called to the building following an emergency report of a sexual assault. It is worth noting that Alvarez was a resident at this address.

The police came across a female victim, who is also a migrant, and took her to a nearby hospital for medical care. It was necessary to have translators present to communicate with the victim since she speaks French Creole.

According to investigators, she reportedly pointed out Alvarez as the culprit, stating, “I told him to leave me alone, but he didn’t stop.”


Alvarez arrived in the United States through the Haitian parole program under the Biden administration. This program permitted him to travel directly from Haiti to JFK Airport in New York City in June 2023 with a parole grant valid for two years, as reported by Fox News’ Bill Melugin and Griff Jenkins.

According to a report by journalist Bill Melugin, it has been revealed that ICE has taken action against 26-year-old Cory B. Alvarez by filing a detainer with local authorities. Interestingly, Alvarez had a sponsor listed in New Jersey as part of his parole.

According to Alvarez’s attorney, his client has been residing at the hotel since October, as he waits for his immigration status to be determined.

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