Jeanine Pirro Makes Progress In Revealing The Truth Behind Trump’s Allegations

On Thursday’s episode of The Five, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro showed some improvement in her description of former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case in a Florida federal court compared to her previous attempt two days ago.

Earlier in the day, Judge Aileen Cannon, who was appointed by Trump, rejected the request to dismiss the felony charges. Trump’s lawyers had argued that laws regarding classified documents were “unconstitutionally vague.” However, Judge Cannon allowed this argument to be presented during the trial, whenever it may occur.

Special Counsel Jack Smith filed a total of 40 charges against Trump in the previous year. These charges primarily revolve around violations of the Espionage Act, specifically related to the intentional retention of national defense information. Trump, along with his two co-defendants, namely his longtime valet Walt Nauta and Mar-a-Lago property manager Carlos De Oliveira, is also accused of conspiring to obstruct justice.

According to Pirro, the charge brought last summer seemed to have been disregarded.

According to Pirro, Jack Smith’s desire to charge Donald Trump with obstruction is unfounded. She argues that obstruction charges can only be brought if there is an underlying crime. In this case, possession of presidential records is not a crime, as they belong to the president and can be accessed by him at any time. Pirro believes that without a crime, the concept of obstruction does not apply and sees it as a form of lawfare.


On Tuesday, Pirro made the claim that Trump is not facing charges of obstructing.

Last week, Smith’s prosecutors dismissed her claim that Trump was acting within the law. They rejected the idea that Trump had the authority to possess classified documents after his time in the White House.

The authors argue that Trump’s belief that his previous role as president grants him immunity from accountability is unfounded. They assert that as a former president, Trump should have recognized the crucial significance of safeguarding national security and military secrets. This includes refraining from unauthorized acquisition or intentional retention of national defense information.

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