Joe Biden On Border Talks: ‘it’s Long Past Time To Fix It’

Aiexpress – President Joe Biden emphasized the urgent need to address the border issue, stating that it is high time to take action. As discussions in Congress continue, there is mounting pressure from Donald Trump to maintain the current situation, possibly to exploit it for political gain in future campaigns.

According to a statement from Biden, he organized his team two months ago to initiate negotiations with a bipartisan group of Senators in order to effectively tackle the border crisis. He emphasized that his team has been diligently working on this issue, round the clock and even during holidays and weekends.

According to Biden, the negotiations have resulted in a set of reforms that, if enacted, would be the most stringent and equitable measures ever implemented to secure our country’s borders.

President Biden emphasized that if he were given the authority, he would use it the very day he signs the bill into law. This new emergency authority would enable him to effectively shut down the border in situations where it becomes overwhelmed.

He stated that securing the border through these negotiations is a victory for America. He urged Congress to finally provide the funding he had requested in October to accomplish this goal.


Biden made a firm promise, stating, “If you’re serious about addressing the border crisis and demanding stricter border control, the way to achieve it is by passing a bipartisan bill, and I am ready to sign it.”

The negotiations have hit a roadblock as Trump urges lawmakers to prevent any agreement that would allow the issue to persist, allowing him to use it as a talking point in his presidential campaign.

Sen. Mitt Romney, a Republican Senator from Utah, expressed his dismay to reporters regarding President Trump’s stance on the border problem. Romney stated that Trump’s intention to refrain from solving the issue and instead shift the blame to President Biden is truly appalling.

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