Alyssa Farah Griffin Criticizes Republican Response To Trump Verdict In E. Jean Carroll Defamation Case

Aiexpress – Alyssa Farah Griffin, like many other public figures, has voiced her thoughts in response to President Donald Trump’s recent decision.

Farah Griffin sheds light on the unwavering allegiance of the Republican party towards former President Trump, following a federal jury’s decision that he must pay E. Jean Carroll a staggering $83.3 million for defamation.

“The interesting part is that Republicans have the opportunity to nominate a conservative former two-term Governor and UN Ambassador who is highly respected among the independents crucial for winning a General election,” she expressed on X (formerly known as Twitter) last Friday, referring to Nikki Haley. “However, they seem to be staying loyal to this individual.”

Farah Griffin, a prominent figure in the political sphere, has consistently voiced her concerns about President Trump’s suitability for another term. As a CNN political commentator and co-host of “The View,” Griffin has been vocal about her belief that Trump is not fit to hold the presidency. This sentiment is shared by none other than Barbra Streisand, who also agrees with Griffin’s stance. It is worth noting that Griffin, who previously served as Trump’s Director of Strategic Communications, has made the decision not to vote for him in the upcoming November election.

Several Hollywood celebrities also turned to social media to express their initial thoughts on the jury’s verdict.


Filmmaker Rob Reiner expressed his hope that the court’s outcome would serve as a reminder to future voters of the significance of the 2024 election.

In response to the initial accusation, Trump dismissed it by stating to reporters, “She’s not my type,” which led to a federal defamation lawsuit being filed against him.

In terms of future actions, Trump expressed his intention to challenge the court’s decision, which he deemed as “absolutely ridiculous.” It is worth noting that this ruling of $83.3 million adds to a previous $5 million judgment against him for sexual abuse and defamation issued last year.

“I completely disagree with both verdicts and will be appealing this entire Biden-directed witch hunt targeting me and the Republican Party,” he expressed on Truth Social. “Our legal system is out of control and being weaponized for political purposes. They have stripped away all First Amendment rights. This is not what America stands for!”

Meghan McCain responded to the verdict by sharing a message from a user who congratulated the MAGA Super Fans for having to pay the fees with their donations.

Mia Farrow had a playful response when asked about who should portray Carroll in a feature biopic. In a simple yet humorous manner, she replied, “Me.”

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