Joe Biden Undergoes Undisclosed Physical Examination Amidst Worries Over Fitness For Second Term

Aiexpress – President Joe Biden is scheduled to undergo an unexpected health check-up, fueling concerns about his age and ability to serve a second term. At 81 years old, the President’s physical examination has been long-awaited, and many are questioning his overall health.

A lot of people have asked the Biden administration when the president’s yearly checkup will happen before the election in November. Biden, who is the oldest commander-in-chief in US history, made the surprise trip on Wednesday morning to be checked out before the upcoming election, where he is likely to run against his Republican opponent Donald Trump again. Some experts have also said that Trump is showing signs of cognitive decline.

“I need to get my physical,” Biden told reporters as he crossed the South Lawn to get on Marine One. The test results will be made public later on Wednesday.

Several surveys show that most Americans believe he is too old to run for president again and doesn’t have the mental sharpness for a second term, which would end when he turns 86.

White House doctor Kevin O’Connor checked out the president in February of last year and said his walk “remains stiff.” However, he gave him the all-clear, saying he was “healthy” and “vigorous.” A physical trainer works with Biden every day for 45 minutes on balancing exercises to help him walk better.


An in-depth “neurologic exam” of Biden also showed that there were no signs “consistent with any cerebellar or central neurological disorder.” “He did not demonstrate any motor weakness, but a subtle difference in heat or cold sensation could be elicited,’ the 2023 physical report said.”

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