Joy Behar recounts her unexpected encounter with Trump supporters on ‘The View’: They exclaimed, “Hey! You could be a hot Joy Behar!”

Joy Behar, one of the co-hosts of “The View,” had a unique encounter with some supporters of Donald Trump. While walking down the streets of New York City, she was pleasantly surprised when two men who were in favor of Trump approached her and paid her a compliment. They told her that she looked like a “hot Joy Behar.”

During this morning’s episode of “The View,” the panel discussed the topic of body positivity. They highlighted how celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Nicole Kidman have wholeheartedly embraced their physical appearances.

According to Whoopi Goldberg, this won’t change people’s perception of themselves. She believes that individuals enjoy criticizing celebrities because they can’t fathom how someone can possess such talent and still have flaws.

Common has denied rumors that he is dating Whoopi Goldberg after teasing that he was in a relationship with an EGOT. When asked about the speculation on ‘The View’, Common clarified that he did not get a chance to pursue a romantic connection with Goldberg. Despite the playful banter, it appears that the two are not involved romantically.

Sara Haines believed that it would be best for people to refrain from making comments about physical appearances altogether. On the other hand, Behar didn’t see any issue with encouraging a healthy sense of self-acceptance.


She expressed the importance of embracing and cherishing one’s own body. However, she also admitted that she would appreciate it if someone else could love her body even more than she does. Despite this, she remains open-minded and willing to go along with whatever comes her way.

During the conversation, Alyssa Farah Griffin brought up the fact that her co-host had recently been referred to as “hot.” Joy Behar quickly clarified, saying, “By Trump supporters!”

The comedian shared that she was strolling along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan when the encounter occurred.

“I noticed a group of enthusiastic Trump supporters holding up signs and chanting ‘Trump! Trump!’ It intrigued me as I’ve always been curious to understand their perspective,” she reminisced. “I find it fascinating to listen to what people like them have to say.”

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According to Behar, she asked the two men if they were Trump supporters and they responded affirmatively. They then made a remark about Behar potentially being an attractive version of herself. In response, Behar confidently stated that she indeed is a “hot Joy Behar.”

Goldberg chimed in with her own analysis, causing the other ladies to erupt in laughter.

She posed the question, “Isn’t that always how it goes? They’re not interested in your vote, but they have no qualms about bringing you to their beds.”

“The View” is broadcasted on ABC every weekday at 11/10c.

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