Ken Buck Condemns ‘ridiculous’ Claims He’s Resigning To Hurt Boebert’s Election Chances

Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) vehemently denied the allegations suggesting that he plans to step down from his position in Congress in order to impede Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-Colo.) prospects of securing his 4th Congressional District seat.

Last year, Buck made the declaration that he would not seek re-election. On Tuesday, he made the announcement of his early retirement from Congress, which subsequently initiated a special election to fill his vacant position.

Boebert criticized Buck’s decision, describing it as “weak sauce” and accusing him of giving a gift to the Uniparty.

In comments earlier this week, she expressed her frustration with the establishment for orchestrating a secretive agreement to manipulate an election that she is currently leading by a substantial 25-point margin.

In response to allegations that his early resignation is meant to hinder Lauren Boebert’s chances of winning the election in his district, Ken Buck vehemently dismissed the claim as “ridiculous.” Speaking to the Colorado Sun, Buck asserted that he is not providing any advantage or disadvantage to any candidate in the race for his district.


In an interview with the Colorado news outlet, he expressed his efforts to refrain from involvement in the primary election.

Buck further elaborated on his choice to announce an early retirement, expressing his desire for the special election to coincide with the primary scheduled for June 25th.

Buck emphasized the significance of that point, stating, “I thought that was really important.”

Boebert has announced that she will not be participating in the special election, instead choosing to concentrate her efforts on the primary.

According to her, scheduling an unnecessary Special Election on the same day as the Primary Election will cause confusion among voters. Moreover, it will result in a Congressman with limited authority from the very beginning and leave the 4th District without any representation for over three months. She believes that the 4th District deserves a more efficient and effective approach.

Boebert finds herself in a challenging political situation. Some view her move to the 4th district as an effort to prevent a potential loss to Democrat Adam Frisch, who gave her a close competition in 2022 but ultimately fell short.

In a special election, both parties select a candidate to compete for the opportunity to represent the district for the remainder of the current term. The chosen candidate from the GOP will have an advantage since the special election will be held on the same day as the state primary. If Boebert decides to participate in the special election, she would have to give up her seat in the 3rd District. However, this move would further reduce the Republican majority in the lower chamber, which has already decreased with Buck’s departure.

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