Kennedy: Biden’s Open Border Helps Cartels And Terrorists

Aiexpress – U.S. Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana and a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, recently addressed the Senate floor to raise concerns about the Biden administration’s handling of the situation at the border. He emphasized that the current chaos at the border is allowing terrorists, cartel members, and sex offenders to exploit the situation and enter the country illegally. Senator Kennedy’s remarks serve as a strong warning about the potential dangers associated with the ongoing border crisis.

President Biden was encouraged by Kennedy to collaborate with conservatives in order to address the persistent national security concern and ensure border security.

Here are some key comments from Kennedy:

The irony is palpable. In a twist of fate, cities that once proclaimed themselves as “sanctuaries” are now facing the harsh reality that the border crisis is not limited to southern states like Texas, Arizona, and even my home state. It has become an American crisis, reaching every corner of our nation, including Louisiana. President Joe Biden’s ineffective border policies have caused havoc and consequences that extend far beyond what was anticipated.

One estimate suggests that Louisianians bear the burden of an additional $4,613 in state taxes each year due to illegal immigration, amounting to approximately $604 million annually. This striking statistic highlights the financial impact of undocumented migrants on the state’s residents. It is particularly concerning given that Louisiana families already face the challenge of dealing with inflation, which demands an extra $800 per month from their pockets.


President Biden’s border policies have not only resulted in a dire humanitarian crisis, but they have also created an ideal opportunity for various individuals with nefarious intentions to enter the United States undetected. These policies have facilitated the entry of terrorist sympathizers, child sex offenders, and individuals associated with dangerous cartels. The lack of proper screening and monitoring has allowed these individuals to blend in seamlessly, as there is no thorough checking process in place.

In 2023 alone, Border Patrol apprehended a staggering 169 individuals who were part of the FBI’s terrorist watchlist while attempting to illegally cross the southern border. These numbers are truly alarming and are more than 10 times the number of potential terrorists that Border Patrol detained in the four years preceding President Biden’s term. It is evident that there is a significant increase in the presence of individuals with potential security risks attempting to enter the country through unauthorized means.

“The southern border is viewed by the American people as the front door of their home. Just like how most Americans lock their front door at night, it’s not because they have animosity towards those outside. Rather, it is an act of love for the people inside, ensuring their safety by knowing who is entering and leaving their home. This is all the American people desire when it comes to immigration.”

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