Hospital Security Guard In Kentucky Accused Of Sending Bomb Threat To Work

Aiexpress – A security guard in Kentucky has been arrested and charged with making a bomb threat at the hospital where he was employed.

According to a Facebook post by the Georgetown police, they have identified 19-year-old Gabriel Frith as the main suspect in the bomb threat they received in July 2023. During that time, Frith was working as an on-duty security guard for a private security company.

Police said they obtained Frith’s phone and bank records through multiple search warrants during the investigation. These records allegedly provided evidence that Frith had sent a text message containing the bomb threat to the hospital.

Frith faced legal consequences on January 18th when he was taken into custody and charged with second-degree terroristic threatening.

According to the police, there are potential charges that could be brought against him for other ongoing incidents in Lexington.


The motive behind the alleged threat remains unclear.

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