Lawsuit filed by AG Paxton against Pfizer transferred to federal court

The lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton against Pfizer, initially lodged in Lubbock’s 99th District Court, is now anticipated to be transferred to federal court.

Paxton has accused Pfizer of engaging in misrepresentation and deceptive trade practices in relation to its COVID-19 vaccine.

Pfizer has requested that the lawsuit be transferred to the federal system, as the company’s work was carried out on behalf of the federal government.

Paxton’s filing includes allegations against Pfizer, accusing the company of making deceptive public statements about the effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine was provided to the government as part of operation “Warp Speed,” which was established during the Donald Trump administration.

The lawsuit centers around three primary concerns: how long the protection lasts, its effectiveness in preventing transmission, and its ability to guard against new variants.


According to the lawsuit, Pfizer allegedly misled the public by creating a false perception of long-lasting and effective protection against the virus. It is claimed that Pfizer withheld important data from the public, which indicated a decline in the vaccine’s efficacy over time. Despite this, Pfizer maintained that its vaccine had a 95 percent effectiveness rate against the virus.

The company is accused in the document of using fear mongering and exploitation to persuade the public that the vaccine was the sole means of safeguarding their loved ones.

Pfizer is facing allegations of intentionally making false and unsubstantiated assertions about the efficacy of its vaccine against new strains of the virus.

According to Paxton, Pfizer has violated the Deceptive Trade Practices Act by making all these claims.

Paxton’s lawsuit against the company seeks to prevent Pfizer from continuing to make what he alleges are “false claims.”

The company is required to pay civil penalties of up to $10 million for each violation of the DTPA.

Pfizer has defended its vaccine, stating that its claims are based on accurate and scientific information. The company firmly believes that the lawsuit filed by Paxton lacks merit.

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