Massive Drug Seizures Made By California Border Patrol Officers This Week

Aiexpress – On February 29th, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in California successfully carried out significant drug busts.

From February 19th to 25th, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at the San Diego Field Office ports of entry made significant seizures. In a statement released on Thursday, it was revealed that they confiscated a total of 554 pounds of cocaine, 229 pounds of fentanyl, and 1,650 pounds of methamphetamine. These seizures were the result of 42 separate smuggling attempts.

According to agents, the drugs are believed to be worth around $9.1 million on the street.

Sidney Aki, the Director of Field Operations for San Diego at CBP, stated that by enhancing binational cooperation, sharing intelligence, and bolstering law enforcement efforts, CBP is effectively curbing the activities of these transnational criminal organizations.

Homeland Security was responsible for taking custody of the suspects involved in the incidents, where they would undergo thorough investigation and processing.


CBP agents in the El Centro Sector apprehended a U.S. citizen on Wednesday for trying to smuggle approximately 10 pounds of fentanyl into the country. The estimated street value of the seized fentanyl amounts to $130,000.

During a routine inspection, agents directed a rideshare taxi driver, who was transporting four passengers, to a secondary inspection area. Upon arrival, a K-9 team successfully identified a backpack and speaker that belonged to one of the passengers.

During the inspection, CBP officials discovered a number of wrapped packages concealed within the speaker and backpack. The substances contained within these packages were subsequently tested and confirmed to be positive for the presence of fentanyl.

The authorities apprehended the passenger and subsequently handed them over, along with the seized narcotics, to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The recent seizures were carried out under the collaborative effort of federal, state, and municipal agencies in southern California known as Operation Apollo. This joint regional operation aims to thwart the entry of fentanyl and other illegal synthetic drugs into the country.

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