Megyn Kelly Applauds Donald Trump’s ‘Impressive Marketing Abilities’ Following Victory over Nikki Haley in New Hampshire Primary

In the aftermath of his victory in the New Hampshire primary against Nikki Haley, former President Donald Trump received accolades from former Fox News host Megyn Kelly for his remarkable skill in marketing himself to voters.

During a recent conversation with Michael Moynihan on her podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, Megyn Kelly shared her thoughts on Trump’s marketing skills. She acknowledged that Trump’s ability to effectively utilize these skills is impressive, stating, “Back to his marketing skills, he knows how to use them. They’re actually quite effective.” Kelly also expressed uncertainty about Nikki Haley’s future actions, saying, “I don’t know what Nikki Haley is going to do.”

She explained that she was unsure whether she would leave before facing humiliation in her home state, where he was leading by 30 points. It was unclear whether she would continue to stay in the race, gathering random delegates. Regardless, she emphasized that her campaign was over and that he had emerged as the winner.

“I truly believe that with the significant amount of attention that will come in the following year, not only from MSNBC but also from individuals like Moynihan on The Fifth Column, Ben Shapiro, and myself, who are independent and unbiased, we will shed light on the injustices being done to him. This will have a profound impact, even if you’re not a staunch supporter of Trump,” Kelly expressed.

During the conversation with Moynihan, she expressed her belief that their combined audience consists of a significant number of independent individuals. She emphasized the importance of presenting the truth to these listeners, stating that she is not convinced that they would be overly alarmed by a conviction when it comes down to it.


“I believe that the truth regarding Jack Smith, as well as Fani Willis and Alvin Bragg, will eventually be revealed. It is only a matter of time.”

As previously reported by OK!, Trump has consistently made efforts to undermine the credibility of individuals implicated in the four distinct indictments against him.

He consistently uses his social media platform, Truth Social, to disseminate rumors about the judges, prosecutors, and even jurors, in an attempt to get the charges against him dismissed.

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Trump has emerged victorious in the GOP primary so far, with wins in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Many of the other contenders have already withdrawn from the race, but Haley remains determined to stay in.

After being defeated by Trump in New Hampshire with an 11-point difference, Haley addressed her supporters, refusing to accept defeat. Haley boldly stated, “The political class may be quick to dismiss us, but let me remind them that New Hampshire is not the last in the nation, it is the first. This race is far from over.”

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