Men Arrested In Alabama On Several Charges: Camera Captured One Of The Escape Vehicles

Aiexpress – In Alabama, there are two individuals who are wanted for multiple charges in separate incidents that took place in the past weeks. This information was publicly shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), and it is important to note that everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty under Alabama’s law.

First Person in Question

The initial suspect is being sought for numerous felony charges in the state. Authorities have accused him of the following crimes:

    • Theft of Property
    • Car Break-in
    • Fraudulent use of a Credit Card
    • Forgery

If you have any information, please contact Detective Henningsen at 205-444-7534. We offer a monetary reward for any tips that lead to an arrest.

Second Person in Question

The authorities are currently on the lookout for the second suspect who is wanted on charges of Theft of Property and Fraudulent Use of Credit Card. Thankfully, they were able to capture an image of the suspect’s getaway vehicle, which is a gray minivan.


If you have any information, please reach out to Detective McCreless at 205-444-7626. We offer a cash reward for any tips that lead to an arrest.

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