Police: Suspect Captured By Lyndhurst Pd After Claiming To Be Delivering Food At 4 Am

Aiexpress – Officer Michael Clifford pulled over a Nissan Rogue near the intersection of Chase and Wilson avenues around 4 a.m. when he noticed that Najee Bullock, 25, was unable to present a valid driver’s license, according to Detective Lt. Vincent Auteri.

According to the lieutenant, Bullock explained to the officer that he was in the process of delivering food in the vicinity.

According to Auteri, Bullock was wanted in Blair County, PA for various offenses, including skipping court and violating parole.

The three individuals he was with were set free.

Bullock, on the other hand, faced charges of being a fugitive from justice. He received a summons for driving without a license and was taken to the Bergen County Jail. He is now awaiting an extradition hearing that will send him back to Pennsylvania.


According to records, he was still in the county lockup on Monday, Jan. 22.

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