Migrant Disputes Claims of English Conversation and Alabama’s Backing for Border Control: An In-Depth Look into Jae’s Experiences and More

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Alabama lawmakers have been raising concerns about the continuous occurrences of illegal immigration crossings at the Southern border. Both the Senate and House members have expressed their apprehensions regarding this matter.

On February 13th, Moore visited X once again to voice his disapproval of the Senate’s decision to allocate $60 billion to Ukraine while American citizens are grappling with rising prices and an overwhelmed border. Moore firmly believes that “Americans deserve better.”

An Illegal Migrant’s “Story”

Recently, journalist Johnathan Lee Riches filmed a group of illegal migrants crossing the border and shared the video on his YouTube channel, JLR INVESTIGATES.

At the start of the video, a migrant politely asked Riches if he had water for a young boy, speaking fluent English. Curiously, Riches inquired about the migrant’s country of origin. In response, the migrant replied, “The Dominican Republic.”


Riches inquired about the size of his travel group. The man replied that there were 40 people in the group. They had traveled by boat and were uncertain about their final destination.

During the conversation, Riches was stunned to learn that each adult had paid $4,000 and each child had paid $3,500 in order to receive assistance with their illegal crossing from Mexico into the US. What was even more disturbing was the fact that the children in the group were without parents or guardians.

Later in the video, a group of illegal migrants can be seen waiting in line to be transported to a detention center.

When reporters approached him, the undocumented migrant claimed that he didn’t speak English and instead spoke French. He also pretended not to know Riches and denied having any recent conversation with him.

In the video’s conclusion, Riches posed a series of questions for the migrant man to respond to:

    • How did you know to come to this spot as an entrance point?
    • Are there groups telling everyone to come this way?

He replied, “I didn’t hear you.”

The Border Emergency Authority

On Sunday, February 4th, the White House issued a briefing urging Congress to pass the Bipartisan National Security Agreement.

The agreement introduces a new temporary authority called the Border Emergency Authority, which aims to facilitate the process of allowing:

The President and Secretary of Homeland Security to temporarily prohibit individuals from seeking asylum, with limited exceptions, when the Southwest Border is overwhelmed. Importantly, this authority is to be used when the number of migrants encountered at the border reaches very high levels – levels that strain the U.S. government’s ability to process migrants.

According to Voice of America, the number of Chinese migrants crossing the border increased by 13 times from January 2023 to September 2023, with over 24,000 individuals making the journey compared to the same months in 2022.

In December 2023, officials estimated that over 300,000 individuals were processed at the Southern border.

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