Recent accidents in Indiana and Michigan raise concerns about officer safety

The job of a police officer is undeniably perilous. Lately, this danger seems to have escalated, with several officers in Indiana and Michigan being hit by cars.

Since January, there have been reports of four officers in Indiana and Michigan who were struck by vehicles while conducting traffic stops. One incident involved an Indiana State Trooper who sustained serious injuries while assisting a stranded motorist with a flat tire. Tragically, a Michigan State Trooper lost their life in another incident. These incidents serve as a reminder of the dangers that law enforcement officers face while performing their duties on the road.

According to Sgt. Ted Bohner from the Indiana State Police, there has been a growing concern in recent weeks, particularly since the start of the year, regarding the increasing number of state troopers and police officers from various departments who have been involved in accidents resulting in serious injuries or fatalities.

Unfortunately, police officers often face scary situations as part of their job.

According to Bohner, being outside our cars during a traffic stop is one of the most dangerous situations we can find ourselves in. He explains that this is due to the fact that we are in close proximity to fast-moving traffic, often at highway or interstate speeds.


Even though most states have move over and slow down laws, law enforcement officers still have to constantly consider the danger before exiting their vehicles to assist stranded vehicles on the road.

Bohner explained that there is a heightened sense of awareness among law enforcement officers regarding their safety. They now take extra precautions, such as checking their mirrors before exiting their vehicles or while sitting and typing a crash report or ticket. They also make sure to glance in the rearview mirror and even put their seatbelts on before getting out of their cars during a traffic stop, just in case they are unexpectedly hit.

While driving, there are certain actions that the public can take to enhance the safety of our officers.

“We have complete faith in you to make the right decision and reduce your speed whenever you encounter us,” Bohner expressed. “I don’t want to sound cliché, but our lives, as well as yours, depend on it. Whether it’s the person we’ve pulled over, the accident we’re attending to, or the individual with a flat tire we’re assisting, everyone’s safety hinges on each person consistently making the right choice.”

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