Missouri authorities say 6 people who have been missing since August may be in cult

Police in Berkeley, Missouri suspect that a group of four adults and two children who have gone missing from the St. Louis area may have connections to a cult led by a convicted felon.

KSDK-TV reports that the Berkeley Police Department investigators have identified the six missing individuals as potential followers of Rashad Jamal, a social media influencer who is presently serving time in a Georgia prison for child molestation and other criminal offenses.

In August, Ma’Kayla Wickerson and her 3-year-old daughter Malaiyah Wickerson mysteriously vanished from their residence in St. Louis County. A similar incident occurred with Gerrielle German and her 3-year-old child, Ashton Mitchell, who went missing in Mississippi. Additionally, it is suspected that Mikayla Thompson, 25, and Naaman Williams, 30, are associated with the alleged cult.

According to KTVI-TV, the six individuals were residing in Wickerson’s residence near the St. Louis International Airport before they went missing in August. Cartisha Morgan, Wickerson’s mother, revealed to KTVI that her daughter had abruptly quit her job and maxed out all her credit cards shortly before her disappearance.

Quoting her words, she emphasized the undeniable reality of mental illness and manipulation.


According to KTVI, neighbors reported seeing the six individuals engaging in daily sun worship in their yard. Even if it was raining, they would come outside naked and run around the yard. Additionally, they were observed digging up things in the yard. Berkeley Police Maj. Steve Runge provided this information.

Jamal, also known as Rashad White, is the founder of The College of Cosmic Intelligence, a religious group that he established online, as reported by  KFVS-TV.

“Having a cult on the internet makes sense,” stated Runge, emphasizing the abundance of information available online.

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