Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reveals plans to establish a new political party in order to qualify for the California presidential election

SACRAMENTO (aiexpress) – Robert Kennedy, Jr. has recently introduced a fresh twist to the presidential race by announcing his plans to form a new political party in California. This initiative aims to secure a spot for him on the state’s ballot during his campaign for the White House.

Kennedy aims to disrupt the world of party politics in the United States, including California, with the introduction of a new party called “We The People.”

The campaign has announced that the strategy aims to help Kennedy secure the party’s nomination for president on the November ballot.

Tony Quinn, a seasoned tracker of state political data, has emphasized that for We The People to become a recognized party in California, a minimum of 75,000 individuals must register for it by June.

Quinn expressed his concerns about the upcoming challenge, stating that it will be extremely difficult. The main issue lies in the fact that the party is relatively unknown to the public. He emphasized that individuals who identify as Republicans or Democrats already have a certain level of loyalty towards their respective parties. Convincing unregistered individuals to register with a lesser-known party is a daunting task, especially considering how effortless the registration process is in California, as most people are already registered.


According to recent polls, the race between President Biden and Donald Trump is neck and neck.

Republican strategist Tab Berg believes that if a Kennedy addition is made as a third-party candidate, it would pose challenges for both sides.

According to Berg, Trump will face competition from individuals who share the same frustrations as him. On the other hand, the Biden administration will need to strategize on how to handle criticism from someone who contradicts their message of optimism.

In addition to California, Kennedy is actively working to qualify his own party in six other states. He is also diligently collecting signatures to secure a spot on the ballots of all 50 states across the nation.

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