Missouri Firefighter’s Girlfriend, Second Woman to Die in His Home, Faces Subpoena Request from Her Employer Months Earlier

According to a report, the former employer of a woman who was found dead in the home of a Missouri firefighter, whose previous fiancée took her own life, attempted to subpoena him in a lawsuit.

Dr. Sarah Sweeney’s life came to a tragic end on January 13th, when she was discovered deceased in the residence of Maryland Heights Fire Captain Robert Daus. The circumstances surrounding her passing have been deemed “sudden” by investigators.

Dr. Sweeney, an experienced 39-year-old podiatrist, filed a lawsuit against the Best Foot Forward clinic, where she had previously been employed. The lawsuit alleges instances of both harassment and discrimination. Following this unfortunate experience, Dr. Sweeney decided to establish her own practice.

According to court documents, BFF sought to subpoena Daus due to his past relationship with Sweeney during her employment at the clinic. The intention was to obtain any communications between them, as they could potentially provide valuable insights into Sweeney’s physical and mental well-being. This information was reported by Fox News.

Grace Holland, a 35-year-old woman, was discovered deceased in Daus’ residence on July 22, 2020. The cause of death was determined to be suicide.


The death of Sweeney at Daus’ home has sparked fresh investigation, although no charges have been filed against him.

In September, Sweeney filed a complaint against BFF. The investigation into her death is still ongoing.

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