Missouri lawmakers support a sales tax exemption

A new push is underway in Missouri to eliminate the tax on food.

State Senator Holly Thompson Rehder recently filed a bill aiming to exempt state taxes from food purchased at retailers.

Missouri shoppers currently have to pay a one percent state sales tax on their purchases, as of December 27th.

The revenue generated from the tax is allocated to Missouri’s School District Trust Fund. Unlike many other states, Missouri still imposes a tax on grocery store purchases.

During our conversation with several local shoppers, we had the opportunity to gather their insights on the proposal to eliminate the tax.


Ron Cook expressed his skepticism about the potential cost savings of the food, despite acknowledging its quality. He questioned where the money would come from to support such an endeavor.

“I believe I could cut back on a few candy bars,” Walter Wichard admitted. “If eliminating that one percent would have such a significant impact on me, I could easily compensate in other areas.”

A bill similar to those introduced in Jefferson City in the past two years has been proposed by Thompson Rehder. If the governor signs the bill, it will come into effect on August 28 next year.

The next legislative session in Missouri is set to begin next week.

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