Monday night to bring Blizzard impact to central, eastern Colorado

As the holiday season approaches, travelers are advised to brace themselves for challenging weather conditions in central and eastern Colorado, along with nearby states. Heavy snowfall, strong winds, limited visibility, and potential road closures are expected to impact travel plans during this time.

Around 9 p.m., a semi-truck on westbound Interstate 70 in Burlington jack-knifed, resulting in a collision with another car. This incident led to the closure of all lanes on the highway. The Colorado State Patrol has confirmed that there were injuries, although the exact number and severity are currently unknown. Burlington is located approximately 170 miles east of Denver and 15 miles west of the Colorado-Kansas state line.

The National Weather Service in Boulder is advising individuals to stay updated on the latest forecasts and make necessary preparations for potential changes in travel routes or plans.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Boulder warned that the current light snow and blowing snow in western Nebraska and northwest Kansas will intensify by this evening. Snowfall and wind speeds are expected to increase, resulting in blizzard conditions. The blizzard will affect a wide area, stretching from South Dakota to western Nebraska, east central Colorado, and northwest Kansas. These regions should anticipate very challenging and hazardous travel conditions, with the possibility of road closures.

Officials are advising against travel through these areas if you are unprepared, as the impacts are expected to remain until Tuesday.


The Colorado State Patrol issued a tweet on Monday afternoon, announcing a blizzard warning in eastern Colorado on I-70. They emphasized that road conditions are rapidly deteriorating and will continue to worsen throughout the day and tomorrow. In light of this, they strongly discouraged any travel, as it is deemed highly dangerous.

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