Mother of two argued with spouse over alcohol consumption before falling from rooftop of upscale NYC building

According to sources, the woman who fell from a luxury Upper East Side apartment building on Thursday had a heated argument with her spouse just before she jumped. However, the husband, who is said to be “devastated,” claims that he wasn’t even at home during the incident.

According to Brian Page, he was not present when the tragedy occurred and he chose not to provide any details regarding the existence of a fight.

The heartbroken husband expressed his profound grief, saying, “She was not only the love of my life but also my soulmate. I am devastated by this loss.”

Around 6:45 p.m., the mother of two was discovered at the corner of York Avenue and East 92nd Street with injuries that indicated a fall.


Page was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell in critical condition but unfortunately, she later passed away due to her injuries.

Multiple sources have confirmed that she resided in the upscale building, which offers a private shuttle service to the subway every 30 minutes. She shared her living space with her “big family.”

Page, who hails from Russia, often shared delightful photos on Facebook, showcasing her radiant smile alongside her two adorable children.

They were only 11 days away from commemorating their 16th wedding anniversary.

Residents have informed The Post that the building where Page fell has implemented exceptional safety measures to prevent accidental falls. While the police have not officially classified Page’s plunge as a suicide, the presence of these safety measures suggests that it was not a result of a simple accident.

One renter remarked that the height of the railing on the roof was quite tall, estimating it to be at least 4 feet.

The windows in my house are designed in such a way that they cannot be opened fully. Instead, they only crack open slightly. These windows are equipped with child safety features, making it impossible for any small animal, such as my cats, to squeeze through them. Therefore, I can rest assured that my cat will remain safe indoors.

“I’m relieved that I didn’t witness it. The building has always been known for its family-friendly atmosphere.”

The Brittany, located just a few blocks from Gracie Mansion, is a luxurious apartment building renowned for its breathtaking panoramic views of the East and Harlem rivers.

According to StreetEasy., a two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit can cost approximately $7,500.

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