In his marriage to wife Amal, 45, George Clooney, 62, confesses to ‘punching above’ his weight

During a recent interview, George Clooney openly confessed that he still believes he is “out of his league” in his marriage to Amal Clooney.

During a special screening of his latest directorial venture, “The Boys in the Boat,” held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the actor shared a lighthearted sentiment.

When asked about his thoughts on being married to Amal, George replied, “Yes, and I still do think that.” He chuckled and added that this feeling is likely shared by everyone, saying, “Everyone would say the same thing.”

George, who is 62 years old, and Amal, who is 45, got married in September 2014. George is a renowned actor, while Amal is a highly respected barrister who has held significant positions in the UK government and the United Nations.


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In 2016, the couple established the Clooney Foundation for Justice, which became their driving force. Later, in 2017, they welcomed twins Ella and Alexander into their lives.

Amal’s achievements go beyond her successful career in law. She also dedicates her time and expertise to academia, serving as an adjunct professor of law at Columbia Law School. This power couple’s dedication to upholding human rights and seeking justice is a true reflection of their shared values and ambitious goals.

George’s most recent film project, “The Boys in the Boat,” is an uplifting story inspired by Daniel James Brown’s popular non-fiction book.

The journey of the 1936 Olympic US rowing team at the Berlin Olympics is a truly inspiring tale of triumph against overwhelming odds.

The film struck a chord with George, particularly when it came to parenting. As he watched the rowers face their own challenges, he couldn’t help but contemplate the difficulty of instilling the same level of determination and work ethic in his own children.

“It’s a common concern that every parent shares,” he explained. “Ensuring that children comprehend the challenges and the importance of perseverance in the learning process is a significant aspect of parenting. It’s a constant question that parents face, and it presents a great challenge.”

While chatting with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America last Thursday, we connected over the shared experience of being fathers to twins. Michael is a proud dad to twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella, who recently began their college journey. His ex-wife, Jean Muggli, is their mother.

George, a former NFL star, was asked about the most surprising aspect of having and raising twins. He replied, “Well, twins certainly have a lot to say.”

He expressed, “Raising twins simultaneously and following the same approach made me realize how little control I have over who they become, as they turned out to be completely different individuals.”

According to the Oscar-winner, when it comes to raising children, it is important to establish boundaries and instill beliefs. However, it is also crucial to recognize that each child is unique and may have different perspectives and personalities.

“It’s fascinating to see how distinct my children’s personalities are, considering they are raised by the same parents,” he observed.

George shared that he and Amal are continuously discovering the distinctions between their children and at the same time, building their own family customs.

As the holidays approach, he mentioned, “We’re in the process of establishing our own traditions, and we’re not entirely sure what they will be.” He also shared, “The kids still believe in Santa Claus, and it brings us joy.”

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