Colorado income tax reduction bill delayed

A bill aimed at reducing the Colorado income tax has been indefinitely postponed at the Capitol. Despite Governor Jared Polis expressing his support for income tax reductions, the Republican-backed bill was facing difficulties in gaining traction among Democrats.

Political analysts shared their insights during this week’s episode of “Colorado Point of View.”

According to Democratic strategist Andy Boian, Democrats are not opposed to lowering taxes. However, their focus is on prioritizing funding for local governments.

According to Boian, the current reality is that we must secure the necessary financing and funding for our needs. However, Colorado is currently not at the levels it needs to be and is not competitive enough as a state to attract businesses.

According to Republican strategist Michael Fields, he holds a different viewpoint, stating that the implementation of lower taxes would serve as a catalyst for attracting more businesses to Colorado.


According to Fields, Governor Polis has been actively advocating for a reduction in income tax. However, he lacks the necessary leadership skills to persuade his party to support this initiative.

Democratic lawmakers are then criticized by the governor for not heeding his advice or the concerns of the people of Colorado. He further states that if the legislature fails to pass tax reform, the matter will be brought to the voters through a ballot measure.

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