My Wells Fargo safe deposit box was missing $4k – the staff, as shocked as I was, inadvertently made me $500 richer

A Wells Fargo customer was left astonished when a total of $4,000 went missing from his safe deposit box at his local branch.

Jeffrey Temmer, who resides in West Allis, Wisconsin, a town located about 10 miles west of Milwaukee, expressed his astonishment upon discovering that his money had disappeared, a fact that even surprised the bank manager.

According to Fox affiliate WITI, Temmer mentioned that he had visited the bank in November to withdraw money for his holiday shopping.

According to him, he had $4,000 hidden in a safe deposit box, which serves as a storage facility within the bank for customers to safeguard their belongings.

According to Temmer, someone had drilled out the lock on the box and taken its contents.


Temmer expressed that the manager was just as surprised as she was.

“We returned to her desk, where she planned to conduct some investigation.”

“I’ve had the box for several years, and it serves as a designated place where I store money that I prefer not to use unless it’s absolutely necessary,” he explained.

Temmer eventually received a refund of $4,500 from Wells Fargo. However, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the lengthy waiting period of two months before the refund was processed.

He couldn’t provide the bank with a signed affidavit and a police report because the investigation was still ongoing.

“It was a disappointing Christmas,” Temmer lamented.

Temmer ended up receiving a larger sum of money from Wells Fargo than the amount he had originally lost in the safe deposit box incident.

“He said they were very nice and gave him an extra $500 for his trouble.”

WITI was told by Wells Fargo that they apologized for the wait time two weeks before receiving his refund.

“We have thoroughly examined the details of the case and are collaborating with the customer to ensure the safe return of the contents of their deposit box,” stated Wells Fargo.

“We deeply regret that we were unable to address this matter and provide a resolution to our customer in a timely manner.”

Wells Fargo admitted that it was uncertain about the whereabouts of the customer’s funds and the safe deposit box.

We have contacted Wells Fargo for comment, as stated by The U.S. Sun.

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