Colorado Woman Allegedly Sets Up Boyfriend’s Ex for Sending Threatening Texts, Leading to Multiple Arrests

A woman from Colorado was taken into custody for reportedly setting up her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend by utilizing an application to send menacing text messages that seemed to originate from the woman’s own phone.

Kristin Eaton faced serious charges, including criminal impersonation and attempting to influence public servants. The allegations against her were based on the claim that Lisa Chase had been stalking her boyfriend, Landon Ross.

According to the Denver Gazette, Ross and Chase were in a relationship for 20 years before they decided to end it.

Since their breakup, both of them had moved on to new relationships. Ross found love with Eaton, while Chase found happiness with Chris Ekstrom, who works as a firefighter.

In November 2022, while Chase, a hairdresser from Colorado Springs, was assisting a client, she was taken aback by the unexpected arrival of the police.


Chase faced allegations of sending numerous threatening text messages to Ross through an app called TextNow. The couple provided the police with screenshots of the texts, yet the authorities did not make any efforts to obtain a warrant for their phones or Chase’s phone.

Chase had multiple encounters with law enforcement over the course of 13 months, eventually leading to her arrest by a team of officers in tactical gear. According to the Denver Gazette, she endured four nights in a holding cell while experiencing intense pain from sciatica.

After her second arrest, Chase and Ekstrom decided to take matters into their own hands by purchasing cameras. Their intention was to gather evidence and establish a clear timeline of Chase’s whereabouts and activities. In an interview with KXRM, Chase expressed their determination to document her movements and actions.

Chase, who faced felony stalking charges, decided to enlist the help of private investigator John San Agustin, a former El Paso County Sheriff’s Office commander. Through his investigation, San Agustin discovered evidence suggesting that Chase had not downloaded the TextNow app and had not sent the alleged threatening messages from her phone.

According to KXRM, Chase’s lawyers and San Agustin requested a subpoena, but instead discovered that the texts were linked to a phone number belonging to one of Eaton’s friends.

According to the Denver Gazette, Ross and Eaton have ended their relationship and the two have not discussed the case.

Chase continues to grapple with frustration and trauma, despite the fact that she is no longer dealing with criminal charges.

“I don’t think I will ever trust the police again,” she shared, reflecting on her personal experience.

Chase expressed his lack of enthusiasm when it came to celebrating, as he had been aware of his innocence from the very beginning. He had already invested significant amounts of money in hiring lawyers, a private investigator, and even a therapist. According to Chase, he will only experience relief once justice is served.

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