Nebraska man claims he assisted in apprehending suspected shooter at Chiefs rally

A Nebraska resident and devoted Chiefs fan claims to have played a crucial role in apprehending a suspected shooter near Union Station after the Chiefs Kingdom Champions Victory Parade rally on Wednesday afternoon.

Paul Contreras was enjoying the Super Bowl celebrations in Kansas City, Missouri, with his three daughters when an unexpected outbreak of chaos occurred. Tragically, one person lost their life, and 22 others were left injured in the unfortunate incident of shooting.

According to Contreras, he took the initiative to apprehend the man, and another kind-hearted individual joined him in ensuring that the suspect remained subdued until the arrival of the police.

“He’s not giving up easily, but we’re determined to keep him from getting back up,” he remarked.

Contreras described the struggle as feeling like a lengthy ordeal, although in reality, it lasted only 15 to 30 seconds before the police came to the scene.


I stood there for a minute or two, not exchanging a single word with the police officers. They swiftly apprehended the suspect and restrained him. Afterward, I sat with my three daughters for a couple of minutes before we calmly walked away, making our way towards our car.

Contreras explained that he did not witness the suspect firing the gun. However, his immediate response was to tackle the suspect.

Alyssa Marsh-Contreras, the daughter of Contreras, sensed that something was amiss as she witnessed the crowd disperse and hastily flee.

“I didn’t want to leave my dad’s side because I was worried about what could happen or if he needed any help,” she explained. “Therefore, my main priority was to ensure that his hat, phone, and wallet were not misplaced while he was apprehending the offender.”

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