New Book Suggests FBI Suspects I-70 Serial Killer Emerged from Indianapolis

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The I-70 killings, a series of murders in strip malls from Indiana to Kansas in the early 1990s, continue to puzzle investigators and remain an unsolved mystery.

In the Central U.S., there was a series of murders targeting small-stature brunette women who worked alone in strip mall stores near interstates. Detectives from different cities collaborated on the investigation.

In 2001, a significant development took place in Terre Haute when security camera footage connected a suspect to a murder. Surprisingly, the prosecutor decided against signing a murder warrant.


Despite conducting thorough investigations and collaborating with law enforcement agencies across the Midwest, the authorities have been unable to uncover the identity of the killer. To enhance their efforts, a task force was established in 2021, bringing together detectives from Indianapolis and other jurisdictions to facilitate the sharing of crucial evidence.

According to an FBI profiler, the suspect’s psychological makeup indicates a thrill-seeking motive, although DNA analysis has not yielded a match yet.

After May 7, 1992, the killings suddenly stopped, but they would resurface a year later in Texas. The breakthrough in the case came when ballistics from a murder in St. Charles were found to match the weapon used on Fuldauer.

Despite the complexity, Crooke never gives up on his quest. Every year, he reaches out to Fuldauer’s family on the anniversary of her death. The mystery of the I-70 killer remains unsolved, but Detective Mike Crooke remains optimistic. He speculates about the suspect’s possible whereabouts or fate.

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