New York Pediatrician Accused Of Fleeing After Crashing Truck Into 6-year-old Girl In An Alleged Malicious Act

Aiexpress – According to investigators and a report, a pediatrician in New York City crashed his truck into a guy and his 6-year-old daughter then drove off without helping them.

Sam Leuzzi, 66, allegedly struck Guy Seth, 51, and his daughter Zoey, who was sitting on her father’s shoulders while crossing a Staten Island street with their dog On Jan. 9, according to the New York Post, quoting police.

According to the Post, police stated that Leuzzi fled the scene in his black GMC truck following the collision.

Leuzzi was taken into custody the day following the incident and accused of committing a misdemeanor for leaving the scene of the accident without reporting it, as stated in a criminal complaint.

According to the family attorney Ravi Batra, the individual’s malevolent nature emerged in a Jekyll and Hyde manner, and he callously walked away without disclosing his responsibility to the authorities. Batra emphasized that this act jeopardized the lives of others.


According to Joseph Corozzo, the attorney for the doctor, his client did stop and provide assistance.

According to the attorney, Dr. Leuzzi stayed at the scene, providing care for both the father and daughter and waiting for the ambulance to arrive. The NYPD and the District Attorney’s Office have presented evidence that supports the incident being an accident during a violent storm. Furthermore, the evidence shows that Dr. Leuzzi remained at the scene and maintained communication with the officers.

According to the criminal complaint, Leuzzi allegedly contradicted his claim in his statement to investigators.

According to the complaint, when questioned by investigators, Leuzzi admitted, “I was driving when I struck a pedestrian, an adult, and child while making a left turn. However, I didn’t inform anyone that I was the driver, nor did I provide my information because no one asked me. I left the scene, feeling awful about what had occurred, with the intention of going to the police precinct the next morning.”

The pediatrician entered a plea of not guilty to the charge brought against him and was released on his own recognizance.

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