Police Association Criticizes AG Letitia James For Charging Sergeant Involved In The Death Of Suspected Drug Dealer

Aiexpress – An undercover NYPD sergeant is facing criminal charges after being indicted by the State Attorney General’s office for his involvement in the death of a scooter-riding drug suspect in The Bronx. The incident occurred in August when the sergeant threw a cooler at the suspect, causing him to crash. This development comes to light as authorities continue their investigation into the tragic event.

Sgt. Erik Duran will be surrendering himself to authorities on Tuesday at the Bronx Hall of Justice.

The New York Attorney General, Letitia James, received strong criticism from the Sergeants’ Benevolent Association for filing charges in the case.

“The indictment of Sgt. Duran and the portrayal of his actions as criminal once again highlight the long-standing belief that prosecutors with a political agenda can easily condemn someone, even if their actions are as minor as a ham sandwich,” expressed SBA President Vincent Vallelong in a statement.

Vallelong expressed his frustration with the legal system, stating that Sgt. Duran’s split-second decision was solely based on his concern for the safety of others. He emphasized that it is disheartening to see honest and hard-working police officers being treated like criminals, while criminals are portrayed as victims.


Eric Duprey met a tragic fate as he suffered fatal head injuries while trying to escape a drug bust. The incident occurred on Aqueduct Avenue, close to West 190th Street in Kingsbridge Heights, as confirmed by the authorities.

According to the police, Duprey had previously sold crack cocaine to the sergeant and then made a quick escape on his scooter.

According to Vallelong, Duprey, who was facing felony assault charges at the time, recklessly drove at a speed of 40 mph on the sidewalk, putting pedestrians and children at risk.

According to the association, Duran successfully separated Duprey from him and the other officers just moments before he would have collided with them.

According to the SBA, if it weren’t for Duran’s efforts, the drug deal would have resulted in serious injuries or even death for numerous individuals.

According to police sources, Duprey’s family in Pennsylvania allegedly sought revenge for the death of the drug dealer by targeting the sergeant’s life.

Vallelong believes that if James’ office had conducted a thorough investigation, they would have recognized Duran’s actions as justified, warranted, and lawful.

“Instead, the Attorney General has once again shown her lack of effectiveness, at the cost of a highly regarded NYPD Sergeant who acted responsibly,” he stated.

The association also issued a warning to other officers, urging them to exercise caution as they emphasized that “any action taken could potentially lead to an Albany political ideologue sabotaging one’s career for their own personal gain.”

He also urged members to fill the Bronx Hall of Justice on Tuesday to demonstrate their support for Duran.

The request for comment made to the AG’s office has not been immediately responded to.

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