Nikki Haley Reverses Her Stance on Texas Secession Comment, Citing Constitutional Constraints

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has clarified her earlier statement regarding Texas’ ability to secede from the US if it so chooses. In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” with host Dana Bash, Haley addressed her previous remarks made on the “Breakfast Club” radio show, as reported by Mediaite. Bash questioned Haley about her position on whether Texas had the right to secede. In response, Haley stated, “No. According to the Constitution, they can’t. However, I do believe they have the right to ensure their own security and take necessary measures.”

According to Haley, Texas has long been discussing the possibility of seceding, although the Constitution does not allow for it. However, she questions the source of this sentiment, suggesting that it arises from a feeling of government negligence towards the people’s concerns. This represents a change in her perspective from her previous remarks made during her conversation with radio host Charlemagne tha God. In that interview, she stated that if Texas decides to secede, they have the right to do so, emphasizing that it would be their own decision.

In a recent statement, Haley reaffirmed her belief in the constitutional right of states to secede from the nation. This position was first expressed by her in a 2013 interview. However, it is crucial to recognize that the Supreme Court settled this issue in 1869. The court ruled that states do not possess a constitutional right to unilaterally secede.

About a month after Haley’s puzzling response about the reasons for the Civil War, she found herself embroiled in another controversy. During a town hall in New Hampshire, she failed to mention slavery as a cause of the Civil War, which drew significant criticism. However, Haley later tried to clarify her comments by acknowledging that the Civil War was indeed about slavery.

As Haley campaigns in her home state, she is facing a significant challenge as she trails behind former President Donald Trump by double digits. Adding to the difficulty, her recent remarks about secession have become a stumbling block for her campaign. Despite this challenging local landscape, Haley remains active in conducting nationwide fundraisers and participating in regular national cable interviews. The pressure on her to withdraw from the 2024 GOP primary is also mounting.


Campaign spokesperson Olivia Perez-Cubas reported that Haley’s campaign received a significant financial boost in January, raising $16.5 million in new donations. This marks her most successful fundraising month to date. While Haley acknowledges that defeating former President Trump in her home state’s Republican primary may not be a necessity, she still emphasizes the importance of achieving better results than in New Hampshire later this month.

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